About Us



Born and raised in Los Angeles and New Orleans, Tricia was exposed to dance and music at an early age. She grew up in a family who worked with and were luminaries in the entertainment industry.  She grew up around dance and music from as far she can remember from the age of 3 playing violin, dancing Zulu, Mapouka African dance styles and tap from and with her family. She later trained in tap, jazz, and ballet while continuing African traditional and African Diaspora dance styles. 

Putting Twerking and Fitness on the Map in Seattle

Tricia moved to Europe to attend college, studying Aerospace Engineering, Math and English completing her Bachelors and Masters, teaching tap, Zulu and Mapouka traveling and dancing her way throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Africa, as well as choreographing parades and dancing at European music festivals. She then taught high school and college math and English in the Netherlands, returning home to the United States in 2008 where she continued working as a high school educator.

Twerk + AfroBeats + Dancehall + Soca + Fitness = Diamond Diva Beats

Tricia began teaching dance fitness (Zumba) classes while continuing to dance Mapouka and twerk styles from New Orleans (New Orleans Bounce). She then put Boss Chick on the map in Seattle but wanted to take it to the next level and honor her New Orleans, Zulu and Mapouka heritage.